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The list below explains the current curriculum at our academy. Each level has a corresponding t-shirt color. It is important to wear your appropriate level's shirt so that the instructor can easily identify your current level. Each level's curriculum is divided into three categories: Forms, Qinna, and Horse Stance. Students are tested on these three areas in order to proceed to the next level.

  • Forms - Forms are patterns of movements that serve to strengthen students and provide a rigorous training regimen by which to practice the basics. The goal of practicing forms is to perfect basic techniques and to enhance students' muscle memory so that the techniques become second nature. Every level has at least one empty handed form and Weapons Training begins at level 2 with the first Dao (Broadsword) Form.
  • Qinna - Qinna literally means "catch & lock" but is commonly referred to as Joint Lock exercises. These movements comprise the basics of any self-defense curriculum and teach student how to protect themselves from attackers. Movements begin with simple wrist and elbow joint locks and gradually move on to more complex techniques such as grappling and throwing as the students advance.
  • Ma Bu - Ma Bu, or "Horse Stance" is an extremely important stance in Shaolin Kung Fu. Beginners are required to hold horse stance for at least 2 minutes during their first testing, and the length of this isometric exercise increases with each level. Conditioning with horse stance increases leg strength, and this training serves to improve the 18 Movements of Shaolin.

White Shirt

Wŭ Bù Quán

Five Stance Form

Shăolín Lián Huán Quán

Shaolin Interlinking Fist

Qín Ná: Single Hand - 4 Actions
Ma Bù: 2 Minutes
Level 1:

Blue Shirt

Shăolín Xiăo Hóng Quán

Shaolin Small Flood Form

Shăolín Tōng Bì Quán

Shaolin Connecting Arm Form

Qín Ná: Double Hand - 4 Actions
Ma Bù: 3 Minutes
Level 2:

Gray Shirt

Shăolín Cháo Yáng Quán

Shaolin Facing Sun Form

Shăolín Yī Lù Dān Dāo

Shaolin 1st Level Single Sword

Qín Ná: Single Shoulder - 5 Actions
Ma Bù: 4 Minutes
Level 3:

Green Shirt

Shăolín Méi Huā Quán

Shaolin Plum Blossom Form

Shăolín Yīn Shŏu Gùn

Shaolin Yin Hand Staff

Qín Ná: Double Shoulder - 3 Actions
Ma Bù: 5 Minutes
Level 4:

Navy Shirt

Shăolín Lăo Jià Xiăo Hóng Quán

Shaolin Old Small Flood Form

Shăolín Qiāng

Shaolin Spear

Qín Ná: Single Hand Throw - 3 Actions
Ma Bù: 6 Minutes
Level 5:

Red Shirt

Shăolín Dà Hóng Quán

Shaolin Great Flood Form

Shăolín Èr Lù Dān Dāo

Shaolin 2nd Level Single Sword

Qín Ná: Front, back, & Neck - 3 Actions
Ma Bù: 7 Minutes
Level 6:

Yellow Shirt

Shăolín Luó Hàn Quán

Shaolin Arhat Fist

Shăolín Zhèn Shān Gùn

Shaolin Guarding Mountain Staff

Qín Ná: Finger & Hand - 4 Actions
Ma Bù: 8 Minutes
Level 7:

Tan Shirt

Shăolín Zŭ Cháng Quán

Shaolin Great Ancestor Long Fist

Shăolín Hè Quán

Shaolin Crane Form

Qín Ná: Advanced Techniques - 3 Actions
Ma Bù: 9 Minutes
Level 8:

Black Shirt

Shăolín Pào Quán

Shaolin Cannon Fist

Shăolín Qī Xīng Quán

Shaolin 7 Star Fist

Shăolín Jiŭ Jié Biān

Shaolin 9 Segment Whip

Qín Ná: Legs - 4 Actions
Ma Bù: 10 Minutes